Asset Management

Olympic Aerospace, Inc. understands the importance of proper asset management. We can offer an array of creative solutions to assist in the management or disposal of aircraft, engines, and inventory assets. Since every customer's situation is unique, we strive to understand your financial objectives and then work closely with you to ensure that those objectives are met.

Assets lose value if they are not managed properly. We focus on maintaining and often times increasing value through careful market analysis. Because the aviation marketplace can often times be uncertain, Olympic Aerospace utilizes proven sales and marketing techniques; vast technical resources; and the industry's most current statistical data in order to capitalize on the highest return possible.

Services Offered:
  • Aircraft / Engine Acquisition
  • Aircraft / Engine Remarketing
  • Aircraft Dismantlement
  • Inventory Appraisal
  • Inventory Acquisition / Remarketing
  • Sale / Leaseback

We understand that aviation assets are complex and often have high values associated with them. Our company has the experience to tailor a viable solution in order to realize the best possible return on your investment. Whether it be an inventory or engine sale/leaseback transaction or the dismantlement of an aircraft and sale of the components, our programs are designed around your financial objectives.